Am Monadh Ruadh Walking Club is a new club, formed in 2010, catering for people wishing to walk in the Badenoch & Strathspey area, with occasional forays further afield.  


We walk every other weekend, normally alternating between Saturdays & Sundays. Our programme covers easy C walks to long & hard mountain A walks.


Yearly membership, which runs Apr - Mar, is £5 per person (£2.50 for Oct-Mar) - an application form can be found in the Information section.  Cheques can be sent to Tina Jack, 13 Muirton Place, Boat of Garten  PH24 3JA, made payable to  Am Monadh Ruadh Walking Club .


The name  Am Monadh Ruadh  (pronounced  Am Monna Roo-a ) means 'the red hills' distinguishing them from  Am Monadh Liath  - 'the grey hills' to the west of the River Spey.  Am Monadh Ruadh is the correct (original) name for the range now known as the Cairngorms - which is a confusing misnomer, for Cairngorm means 'blue cairn'.  The distinction between the two ranges is based on the contrasting geology;  the 'red hills' are formed of red (pink) granite whereas the 'grey hills' are grey schist.